Welcome to The SGNL.

The SGNL is the first political album. Like any album, this was made by a group of people who believe in something.

The SGNL is a symbol, a beacon that we’re sending to remind you that you’re not alone. The SGNL is us, a group of believers in the promise of America. The SGNL is you, the listener seeking more from the world around you. The SGNL is a dream for what America can be.

The SGNL is a new beginning: Our sights are set on 2020, but our work starts today.

Welcome to the UP Movement. I’ll tell you more about it soon.

— Katy F.


A dream for what America can be

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What is The SGNL?

The SGNL is the first political album, about a dream for what America can be.

Throughout history, during times of division, like-minded individuals have banded together to send a message of hope and unity. The SGNL is our message to you.

Who is Katy F.?

Katy F. is an American who, like a lot of us, woke up. She knows our country holds great promise, but that fulfilling it will take hard work, integrity, and grit. She’s a voice for all of us.

How do I listen to the next track?

Watch for The SGNL on Twitter (@TheSGNL_US) and Instagram (@TheSGNL_US). When The SGNL flashes, the next track is out.

Who’s behind The SGNL?

We’re Americans deeply concerned about our country’s trajectory, and we’re doing something about it. We’re remaining anonymous for now to focus on shared ideas and a commitment to a better version of our politics. We won’t stay behind the curtain forever.

What is The Universal Progress (UP) Movement?

The UP Movement is a new progressive political philosophy built on the idea that there is more that unites us than divides us. We’re open to all Americans who share our concerns, our values, and our commitment to building a brighter future.

We want to build a society that we’re proud to leave our children. A society that is active, empowered, fair, and free. A Great Society.

And not just the Great Society he envisioned, the Great Society we envision.

What else can you tell me?

Watch for The SGNL, keep listening, and share it with others. We’ll have more to tell you soon.